Aural Apocalypse May 9th, 2012


Oniric: Blessing
Dernière Volonté: Toujours
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: Do Angels Never Cry and Heaven Never Fall?
Jordan Reyne: The Proximity of Death (Blue-Eyed Boy)
Solblot: Åkallan & Löfte
Of the Wand and the Moon: Immer Vorwärts (announced incorrectly)
Thorofon: Stunde Null
Sutcliffe Jügend: Bound
Ex.Order: No Surrender
Brighter Death Now: Kill Useless People
Cent Ans De Solitude: Le Miroir Des Visages
Hekate: Sanctus
Irfan: Simurgh
Aura Noctis: Progresiva
Trobar de Morte: The Silver Wheel
Corde Oblique: A Hail of Bitter Almonds
Les Jumeaux Discordants: Déduke Mén à Selànna Kaì Pleìades
Gnomonclast: Tempus Null
Ordo Equitum Solis: Tomorrow Cries
Jännerwein: Gram
Unto Ashes: Young Men Leave for Battles Unknown
In Gowan Ring: The Seer & the Seen
Musk Ox: Un Jardin Au Bout Du Monde
Kammerheit: Spatium
Galerie Schallschutz: Electrical Nerve Gas
Bad Sector: 2001-07-29T22:31:16+01:00 – Peaks
Tzolk’in: Tonatiuh
Subheim: Take Me Back
Wardrunna: Hagal
Reliquiae: Tri Martolod
Omdulö: Jamahee II
Nachtwindheim: Ougenweide
Tibetrea: Cantus Gentis
Donner & Doria: Jomfru
Zackenflanke: Shandi
Luftwaffe: Seven Rays
In Slaughter Natives: Tearing My Life Away

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