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Aural Apocalypse January 22nd, 2014

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Allseits: October (excerpt)
Accasari: Augha
Tunnels of Ah: The Nightjar Sang a Kalpa Blaze
Z’ev: Aqua (excerpt)
Duncan Evans: Girl on the Hill
Eliwagar: Gryningen
Simon Wong: Untitled #10 from Self-Titled
Of the Wand and the Moon: Shall Love Fall from View?
Sol Invictus: Like God
Astrakan Project: Pemp Bolot
H.Ø.S.T: Winter Melancholy
Day Before Us: day Before Us
Organisation Toth: Von Ewigkeit Zu Ewigkeit
Dolorism: Battle Over Onyx Fortress
Seventh Harmonic: Winter XVIII
Spiritual Front: No Forgiveness
Clara Engel: King Temperance
Sewer Goddess: Cheyne Strokes Hymn
Knot of Fire: Beyond Destination
Colossloth: Anchored By Lungs
I.R.O.N: Infiltrate the System