Aural Apocalypse August 28th, 2013


Strops: sLaVe [strādā, perc, mirsti.]
Navicon Torture Technologies & Prometheus Burning: She Throws Me to the Dogs
Ostarbeiter: Unitaria I
Cisfinitum: Audiochemie
Spiritual Front: The Devourment of the Will (2013)
Ritual Front: The Sun of the Dead
Naevus: The Devil
Sturmpercht: Wir Rufen Deine Wölfe
Et Nihil: The Hollow Men
Vestigial: Celebrating the New Sun
In Meditarivm: White are the Bones of Men
Claustrum (featuring First Human Ferro): Melanhola
Vàli: Nordavindens Klagesang
Tamerlan: Where No Man Walked Before
Adam Hust: Sparrow
Nachtreich: Von Wehmut und Einsamkeit
Oda Relicta & Our God Weeps: Stray Souls

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