Aural Apocalypse April 17th, 2013


My Dear Killer: Mild Eyes
DuChamp: A Worship
BeMyDelay: Seven Treasures
Only in the Mornings: Your Life, Slipping Through My Hands
In Gowan Ring: Two Wax Dolls
Mushroom’s Patience: Christmas Asleep
Propergol: 911 Dispatcher
Atrium Carceri: Synchronization
Lustmord: Aldebaran of the Hyades (excerpt)
Die Streuner: Des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen
Gjallarhorn: Suvetar/Goddess of Spring
Rapalje: Wat Zullen We Drinken
Elane: My Ivory Fairy
Stahlwerk 9: Plutôt La Mort Que L’Esclavage
Tribes of Medusa: Kossua Ja Tupakkaa (featuring Karjalan Sissit)
Attrition: The Causal Agent

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