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Aural Apocalypse January 30th, 2013

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Parzival: Cursus Polaris
Kreuzweg Ost: Geh Mit Gott
Gaë Bolg: Le Prince et la Princesse
Diable Amoreux: Swing Heil
Genocide Organ: This is No Lie
Mental Plastic Body Filler: The Origins of Breath
Reutoff: Staubsee
Lupi Gladius (featuring Spreu und Weizen): Guerrieri Impavidi
Solitude Ravencrow: Between Darkness and Hope
Sol Invictus: English Murder
MARS: The Hand That Loves
The Green Man: Gospel of Judas
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Rotten Zurich Cafe (Valerie Gentile Mix)
KatzKab: Boliw
Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf: A Noble Direction

Aural Apocalypse January 23rd, 2013

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Raison D’être: Enshrouding
Sorcerer of Darkness: Born Power
Immundus: Black Roses for the Dead (Original Version)
Asbaar: Instinctus
Roma Amor: Occhi Neri
James Reid: Kingfisher Blue
Arrowwood: All Things Rise
Six Organs of Admittance: Anesthesia
The Joy of Nature: A Song to the Sun
Leger des Heils: Geweihtes Land
Kazeria: Liber Secundus / Ritu Revelatione
Dernière Volonté: Ne Te Retourne Pas
Axis Mundi Actum: Confugium Covorum
The Days of the Trumpet Call: Ferne
Sophia: Take You Down
Aun: Fortress Two
Luigi Rubino: Last Dance

Aural Apocalypse January 9th, 2013

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Inner Depth: Fire Will Spread to the Four Corners of the World
Ostarbeiter: Fanatizismus
Ex.Order: Shuchu Ryoku Part 3 [Nam2012RMX}
Bocksholm: Forging Hammers
Rome: This Silver Coil
Falkenstein: Walpurgisnacht
Pale Roses: Bedlam
Sub Luna: The Silence Broken
Artesia: Lying on the Grey Foam
Aythis: Deep Martyr Skies [Etheral Fire 2011]
Rising Shadows: Imagine the Place of Nothingness
How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck…: Save Us
Eternal Zio: Untitled track #3 from S/T
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: Liebe Utopia on Weaves of Silken Carnage

Aural Apocalypse January 2nd, 2013

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La Derniere Attaque: Living on the Trenches
BloodSoil: The World is Sick, We are the Cure
Striider: Berlin III
Durch Heer und Kraft: Mit Gott Ohne Angst (Ultimative Version)
Harvest Rain: Red River Tide
In Ruin: The Wildflower’s Song (New Version)
Anne Des: Blue Flowers Crown
Small Life Form: Voice in the Sky (excerpt)
Brian John Mitchell: Four and a Half (excerpt)
Störfrequenz: Transformed Souls
Organisation Toth: First Law
Manasuna: Breath Beyond