Aural Apocalypse September 5th, 2012


Changes: The Saddest Thing
Sangre de Muerdago: Arrastrando as Cadeas
Pyhä Kuolema: Pyhän Äidin Kuolema
Will O’ the Wisp: Mama’s Song
Novemthree: We All Must Die
Tuhkankantajat: Maailman Ääri
River: He Who Wandered
Aerial Ruin: Abandon
Blood Axis: Churning and Churning
Lux Interna: Wounded Stag
Lasher Keen: Animal (excerpt)
The Sterling Sisters: Overture / Raised You in the West
The Lindbergh Baby: Northern Skies
Sabbath Assembly: Hymn of the Consecration
Vradiazei: Distant Mirror
Circulation of Light: Track I from “Twilit Homelands”
Children of the Apocalypse (C.O.T.A.): A Re-Introduction
Funerary Call: Words of Power
Arktau Eos: Stillatory of Umbrae
Waldteufel: Wir Rufen Deine Wölfe
Menace Ruine: There Will Be Blood
Burial Hex: The Night

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