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Aural Apocalypse August 29th, 2012

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Fjernlys: Involution
Tikki Masala: Frequencies of God
Oublier et Mourir: Oublier et Mourir
Steven Severin: Bloodwork
Kentin Jivek: White Letters on Black Sheets
In My Rosary: A Naked Cloud
Joy of Life: Liberty
Sorrow: The Final Solstice
NDE: Untitled Track #8 from “Kampfbereit”
Markus Pesonen: Pilleriä Ja Hoitoa
Skin Area: Rothko Field
Ataraxia: Llyr
Jo Quail: Prelude
Oda Relicta: Triumph of the Ukranian Insurgent Army
Hirsute Pursuit: Boys Keep Swinging

Aural Apocalypse August 22nd, 2012

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Kreuzweg Ost: Thy Will Be Done
Der Feuerkreiner: Die Erde und der Krieg
Suveräna: Vanguard
Objektiv Nihil: Obedience (Quiverfull)
Anenzephalia: Prozac Patrol
Plague Mother: Dagger
***** Interview with MANI DEUM *****
Mani Deum: Roses in an Endless Field
Pale Roses: A Time to Love and a Time to Kill
Verdandi: Weland (Deimos Remix)
Daughters of Elvin: Ognor Mi Trovo
Murderous Vision: Frozen in Morphia
Spitting at Pigeons: A Cautionary Tale
Fascist Insect: March of the Fascist Insect

Aural Apocalypse August 15th, 2012

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Rukkanor: In War We Trust
La Dernière Attaque: Regiment
Gabe-Unruh: Heimat Guben
Schattenspiel (featuring Verney 1826): Aufbruchstimmung
Berkana: Sehnsucht Nach dem Frühling
Ritual Front: Śmierć
Tamerlan: Where No Man Walked Before
***** Interview with UNTO ASHES *****
Unto Ashes: Running With the Devil
Cydonia: Towers on the Moon
Front Sonore: From Beyond
Homedustoppressivemonothony: Incomunicabilita

Aural Apocalypse August 8th, 2012

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Nuit: Ov Elixir…
Lars “Lach’n” Jonsson & Peter Andersson: Expanding Horizons
Valence: Allogene
Niemandsvater: Arete
Der Tod und Das Mädchen: Tasso
***** Interview with Jerome Reuter of ROME *****
Rome: Seeds of Liberation
A Challenge of Honour: A Moral Destiny
Coph Nia: Black Sabbath
Kazeria [KZ]: Our Lady of the Ravens
Hidden Place: Spazio Zero