Aural Apocalypse March 14th, 2012


Kentin Jivek & Miro Snejdr: Le Temps Ne S’Offre Pas
In the Nursery: Crepuscule
Peter Bjärgö & Matt Howden: A Quiet Thought
Schattenspiel & Igniis: El Gato Negro
Lovac: Apes of a Cold God
Heldentod: Incorruptible
Front Sonore: La Communautée Francaise
Fournierisches Gangraen: 4.48 Psychose
Frostwinter: The Western Fallacy of the Animal-Human Dichotomy
Selo Vatra: Snakedance
Aarktica: When We’re Ghosts (James Duncan Remix)
Trance to the Sun: August Rain
Cindytalk: Haru-Ichiban
Kreuzweg Ost: Calvaria
Ianva: Intro – Colpo di Maglio
Wappenbund: Unser Blut
Lull & Beta Cloud: Circadian Rhythm Disturbance (excerpt)

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