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Aural Apocalypse November 23rd, 2011

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Les Fragments de la Nuit: Thaïmiz Dih Enemy
Seventh Harmonic: Litha
Ad Ombra: Descort (Upon the Face of the Deep)
Ambiansu: Dance Macabre
Philip Petit: Der Abschied Ewig
Z’EV & Michael Esposito: The Abject (excerpt)
Rex The Ninth: A Blindingly Dark Age
Of the Wand and the Moon: Sunspot
Der Blutharsch: Untitled #6 from “Everything is Alright”
Argine: Magiche Armonie
Tugend: Panzer Marsch
Toroidh: Never Again Part 6
Hans Keller: Hyrax

Aural Apocalypse November 16th, 2011

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Argheid: Batallion
Erntegang: March of the Titans
Spreu & Weizen: Andacht
Zagrob: The Glorious Sun
Bocksholm: Elektrik Swastika Lokomotiv (excerpt)
Syncope: To Split the Atom
Damned Head: Epidural Threat
Synomorph: Ontogenese
Das Brandopfer: Der Totenkranz
Dies Natalis: Angels of Babylon
Falkenstein: Willkommen und Abschied
Strength Through Joy: The Rise & Fall of History
Jännerwein: Durch Jede Stunde
Second Planet: Abyss
Echo West: Dark Space
Trisomie 21: The War Outside (Instrumental)
Neuvo Ideal Nacional: Marcha Andina Sobre Caracas

Aural Apocalypse November 9th, 2011

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Vortex: Rockdrill I
Stahlwerk 9: Dies Irae/…Als Ich Starb (excerpt)
Front Sonore: Part III from “Für die Neueordnung Europas”
Atomtrakt: Über Grenzen Hinweg
Hekate: Idilia Dubb
Chalice Well: Wind in den Weiden
Elane: Sleeping in Flames
Demian Clav: Useless Servant
New Risen Throne: Loneliness
Halgrath: Deep Underwater Darkest Tale
Lone Garage Massacre: Only the Wind Remains
Ianva: Fuocco a Fiume
Tindersticks: The Other Side of the World
Les Paradisiers: Shoot the Moon
Cult of Youth: New West