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Aural Apocalypse August 31st, 2011

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Melodic Abortion Orchestra: Auge um Zahn
Brandkommando: Wohin?
Brighter Death Now: I Wish I Was a Little Girl
Andrew King: Corvus Terrae Terror/The Three Ravens
Laienda: Little Drummer Boy/Anvil
Stille Volk: La Meneuse d’Ours
Lily Storm: Little Turtle Dove
Verney 1826: Fahnenappell
Liholesie: Пока небеса темны
Rising Shadows: In the Winter Garden
Von Liebenfels: Vril I
Sagittarius: Lieber Einsam mit den Freien Fallen
Hermann’s Horn: The Men of Ness
Dead Man’s Hill: Mother Destruction
First Law: “Shootout” Down in Waco

Aural Apocalypse August 24th, 2011

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Kirlian Camera: U-Bahn V.2 “Heiligenstadt”
Linox: Lilien
Standgericht: Totalitär
Solar Skeletons: Waiting for the Next Chapter
Neutica: Impiste
Der Arbeiter: El Hijo del Diudo
Orplid: Ewig Unbewegt
Rose Rovine e Amanti: Intro
Klammheim: Im Namen der Freiheit
Romowe Rikoito: La Rose Noire
Puissance: Walls of Freedom
Across the Rubicon: Mors est Quies Viatoris, Finis est Omnis Laboris
Dawn & Dusk Entwined: Au Bûcher Des Vanités
Kazeria [KZ]: Before the Altar of Dagon
Knifeladder: Cut and Run

Aural Apocalypse August 17th, 2011

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Qntal: Indiscrete
Elijah’s Mantle: Animus Anima
Vox: Miragre
The Moon and the Nightspirit: Rögből Élet
Anni Hogan: Strange Beauty
Petit Mal: Öptüm
Parca Pace: Self Service Island
Falkenstein: Die Letzte Reise
Sorrow: Forgive Me
All Over Everywhere: Art of the Earth
Phase II: Introture/Goddess of Dreams
SkullFlower: Sleipnir
Siege: The Breakout
Barrikad: They Benefit from the Insecurity The Have Thought You With
Emme Ya: The Backward Paths

Aural Apocalypse August 10th, 2011

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Missannight: Pripyat’s Beats
Hyios: Aquila
Svart1: Ex Nihilo Crevit
Tholen: Among the Tormented
Desiderii Marginis: Blackout
Aeldaborn: Parthenian Circles
Lovac: Human/Race
Belborn: Phoenix
In My Rosary: Towards Wonderland
Skin: Breathing Water
Aurum Nostrum: Road to Nowhere
Café De L’Enfer: Je Ne Veux Plus Être Pieux
Opus Nigrum: The Ashes
The Days of the Trumpet Call: Young German Mother
Autumn Sunset: Wind
March of Heroes: The Last Days
Sturmpercht: Die Tausendjährige Eiche

Aural Apocalypse July 27th, 2011

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Death in June: Death is the Martyr of Beauty
Apatheia: Storm is Coming
Harvest Rain: Skin of Winter
Hotel de Prusse: Memoria
Strydwolf: Blackened Day (featuring The Pride of Wolves)
Escuadron de la Muerte: Gloria y Muerte
Wappenbund: Ritual
Playing with Nuns: Transmission from the Government’s Ruins
Objekt/Urian: Gulag
Argentum: El Sol, Nuestro Ideal
Bleiburg: Ehe Noch die Blätter Fallen
Seventh Harmonic: Melete
Xalm Retribution: The Night in the City of Death
Magnetic Wind: Examinateur (Searching)
Drakh: Bethlehem
New Orleans Musica da Camera: Dum Pater Familias