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Aural Apocalypse July 20th, 2011

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CyraDark: Absolution (Seven Deadly Sins)
Dreamerion: Cry Which Nobody Hears Part II
Artesia: L’appel des Esprits
Rosa Crux: Morituri
Arcana: Gathering of the Storm
Narsilion: En les Portes de L’Eternitat
Art Abscons: Der Verlassene Hain
Nobody: Evesong
Paul Roland: Requiem
Nick Castro and the Young Elders: Attar
The Psychogeographical Commission: Walking With Omega
The Hare and the Moon: John Barleycorn
Auswalht: Sign of the Time
Jörvallr: Le Songe D’Antan
Hrossharsgrani: None of You
Triarii: Birth of a Sun
Phelios: Cold Unity

Aural Apocalypse July 13th, 2011

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MZ.412: Overthrowing European Christianity
Invercauld: Geilt
Negru Voda: The Drill
In Slaughter Natives: Clean Cathedral
Svartsinn: Lost in Reveries (Reconstructed by Triarii)
Hekate: Die Dunkle Wolke
Cawatana: The Purpose
Roma Amor: Ferro e Fuoco
Fire and Ice: Blood on the Snow
Nebelkorona: Windstille
Zilverhill: Unceasing
Wolfskin: Head of Clarividence
Predominance: If the Last Star Burns Out
Secret Druid Society: Phobia (Stones Are Moving)
MZ.412: Sekarth Una Nejadd

Aural Apocalypse July 6th, 2011

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Sinweldi & Militia Dei: Notre Victoire
Job Karma: You are the Key
The Beautiful Disease: Scum
Luftwaffe & Gnomonclast & Art Abscons: At Any Cost
Larsen & Friends: Part 7 from “Abeceda”
Nemo Dog: Beauty and Metamorphosis
The Wyrm: Guerra al Invasor
Thanatronic: La Vanguardia
Folkstorm: Sweden I
Panzar: Gepanzert
RZ19.84: Remeber Me
Dunkelschön: Meine Ruh ist Hin
Jahrtal: Das Hallende Grün
Brian M. Clark: Suburban Bedroom