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Aural Apocalypse June 29th, 2011

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Hexakai Dekagon (HXDK): Crucifer Worship
Dead Letters Spell Dead Words: Himmelschreibenden Herzen
Sol Invictus: The Bad Luck Bird
Graumahd: Auwaldschatten Part 3
Vequinox: Earth Covers Earth
Eric K.: Enemy Ancestry
Night Profound: Fear in Love (…and Farewell)
The Truth About Frank: Channelling Static
Siamgda: Caravan Celebration
Sardonik Grin: Atyewmoreeye
Cold Fusion: 9th of August Act I
Nihil Novi Sub Sole: Obedience to None
Spreu & Weizen: Schaffen Einer Hochkultur
Liyr: Despair
Helium Vola: Dies Ire

Aural Apocalypse June 22nd, 2011

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Svalbard: Timelessness
Wejdas: Taip Gele Ir Uzgijo Zeme
Dernière Volonté: En Avant!
Tribe of Circle: Untitled Der Blutharsch Cover from “Fire Danger Season”
The Silent Committee: Inertia
The Well of Sadness: Forget
Gor & Jack or Jive: Gulgatha
Gnome & Spybey: Spacelec
Mani Deum: Velvet Stomach Spasms
Leger Des Heils: Verbrannte Erde
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: Serpent · Dagger · Lion · Man
Krynitza: Requiem
Love Sessions: Oceano
Anemone Tube: I Shall Forever Invoke
Coma Centauri: The Oak, The Sloth, The Night
Thomas Nöla Et Son Orchestre: Tierlexikon

Aural Apocalypse June 15th, 2011

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Der Feuerkreiner: Feuersalamander
Von Thronstahl: Torture Tactics
Actus: Total Mobilisaton
Laibach: Abuse and Confession
Argentum & Escuadron de la Muerte: Confinamiento Solitario
The Dissonance Process: For Andrew
Conure: Submerged
Blood Axis & Sangre Cavallum: Sonne Golthi-Ade
John Parker: Manningham Blues
Solanaceae: The Swallows Spirals Through Them
Darkwood: Bunter Staub
Crepuscular: Deep Slow Majesty
Helige Zorn: Zerstörung I
Diable Amoreux: The Wedding Dress
Electric Bird Noise: Brian’s Theme
Ulug-Khem: Improv Session I (excerpt II)

Aural Apocalypse June 8th, 2011

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Corde Oblique: Pietra Bianca
Maa: Laulujen Jamala
Seelenthron: Die Reise
Hautville: Eta’ del Ferro
Art of Empathy: Tiny Doll
Elvatorium: Echoes (edit)
Otzepenevshiye: Utroba
Leutha: E.D.
Orpheus Enthroned: Napoleonic Complex
Saltatio Mortis: Ecce Gratum
Cromdale: The Ferryman
L’Ham de Foc: Tristos Ulls
Deutsch Nepal: Eternal Day
Strops: Vakarzeme/Abendland
Institution D.O.L.: Roman Strength
Seventh Harmonic: Valensanimi

Aural Apocalypse June 1st, 2011

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Haus Arafna: Heart Beats Blood Flows
Johann Merrich: Energieumwandlung
Finger Painted Death: Mescaline
Forests and Communism: Verschwinden
The Tiroler Horn Section: Call 911
Osewoudt: Ogen van Stro
The Blue Hour: The Night is Windless
Theandria: The Evening Darkens Over
Ritual Front: On Mother Earth (На Сырой Земле)
Voice of Eye: The End of All Things
Apologist: Away (edit)
Lingua Fungi: God on a Raft of Serpents
Atomtrakt: Stunde Null
Barbarossa Umtrunk: Oberland Freikorps
Kriegsfall-U: Same Entities
Spirits in Ambiance: The Sheltering Sky