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Aural Apocalypse May 25th, 2011

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Sieben: Völkerschlachtdenkmal
Jo Quail: Fare Forward
Love is Colder Than Death: Abiata
In the Nursery: Contre-Coeur
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Marmalade Cat
Cawatana: Hibátlan
Ikon: Distant Memory
Larrnakh: Veneration
Narsilion: The Voice of Sin
The Green Man: Wedding at Cana
Raison D’être: The Maturation of Nature
Inade: Cages
Aun: Ursa Major
Visions: Summoning the Void
Lustmord: Ixaxaar
Estampie: Floret Silva
Faun: Par Veneris
Trobar de Morte: Pagan Medieval Dance
The Moon and the Nightspitit: Éjköszöntő
Tony Wakeford: Non Omnias Moriar (excerpt)
Mediaeval Baebes: The Woods and the Rivers are Silent
Backworld: Leaves of Autumn
Orchis: Before the Cock Crow
Karjalan Sissit: Pig Society
Sophia: Winterflame
Empyrium: Autumn Grey Views

Aural Apocalypse May 18th, 2011

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Sonne Hagal: The Three Ravens
Naevus: Chairs are Men
Mani Deum: Corpse at the End of the Street (Live)
Heiliges Licht: There was War in Heaven
Agnivolok: Henbane
Fluor: Fenris Invicto – When the Wolf Devours the Sun
Atomine Elektrine: Transforming Space
Ah Cama-Sotz: Diabolus in Musica
Golgatha: Death in Honour
Spiritual Front: Singing Sodomy
Verbum: My Little Bastard
Shadow Theater: Untitled #1 from Self-Titled
Surplus Humanity: Winter’s Victory Grimace and its Blinding Light
Through Teeth of Icicles
MyNationShit: 13

Aural Apocalypse May 11th, 2011

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Rome: Hope Dies Painless
Current 93: With Flowers in the Garden of Fires
Lovac: Murder
Birch Book: Windows
Die Weisse Rose: The Solitary Volcano
Weihan: Mattr ok Megin
Ghosts of Breslau: Der Sieg

~~~~~~ Interview with Jerome Reuter of ROME ~~~~~~~

Rome: Les Trahisons – Les Iles Noires
Control: Wrath
Negru Voda: Våld De Luxe (excerpt)
Freiburger Spielleyt: Rodrigo Martines
Dulaman’s Vröudenton: Salterello
Arcana Obscura: Forgotten Time
Blackmore’s Night: Sister Gypsy
Seven Pines: Les Jumeaux

Aural Apocalypse May 4th, 2011

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Forrest Fang’s Sans Sarif: Tone in Alium
Apoptose: Vivian und Wiebke
Penitent: A Shapeless Beauty
Atrium Animae: Lacrimosa Dies
Unto Ashes: Three Haiku
Medusa’s Spell: Four Hours to Execution
Neutral: Noone to Follow
Our God Weeps: In the Heart of the Creator
Schloss Tegal: Unsub (Insect Mind)
Noctune: Old Nocturne Cafe
Dissecting Table: Dissect
Every Silver Lining has a Cloud: Backward
Aarktica: Am I Demon (Landing Remix)
This Mortal Coil: Fyt
Brillig: The Hearse Song