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Aural Apocalypse February 23rd, 2011

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Atalyja: Du Broleliu
The Moon and the Nightspirit: Szarvaslélek
Faun: Iyansa
Pilori: The Burden
Sturmpercht: Im Jahreswandel
Svalbard: In Forsten (A Song of Belarussian Resistance)
Barbarossa Umtrunk: La Derniere Veille
Karjalan Sissit: Tää On Katastroofi, Saatana
Sophia: Watching it Drown
Deprivation Chamber: Memories
Saturn Form Essence: Planet Earth Slowly Die
Front Sonore: La Marche
Ninth Desert: Sennassiom
Demian Clav: Heart’s Grave
Endraum: Goessa
All My Faith Lost: She Came to Me
Kaltlicht: Nameless

Aural Apocalypse February 16th, 2011

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Herbst 9: IX
Raison D’etre: The Spirit will Not Share the Guilt
Allseits: Garm
Strydwolf: Natur und Krieg (featuring Art Abscons)
Arathorn: die Hymne des Winters Zorn
Rome: We Who Fell in Love With the Sea
Werkraum: Chanson de la Plus Haute Tour
Hermann’s Horn: Deep Dreams Flare After Long Withhold
The True Will: Back to Rome
Wach: The Long Goodbye
Folkstorm: We Are the Resistance
MZ.412: Paedophilia Cum Sadismus
Out of Sight: Polish Spleen
Hotel de Prusse: Lekcja
Black Sun Productions: God?
Liyr: Fragments of Dust

Aural Apocalypse February 9th, 2011

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Larsen & Friends: Part 9 from “Abeceda”
Carta: Descension
Clang Quartet: Ava (Excerpt 1)
Conure: Tunnel
TSIDMZ: Riappropriarsi della Fabbrica (Manifesto della Rivolta Futurista Pt. 1)
Magnetic Wind: Tourmenter (Haunted)
The Boyd Rice Experience: Mr. Intolerance
Cold Fusion: Bird of War (Inna Wersja)
Jörvallr: We Shall Fight
Cawatana: In Darkness
Von Thronstahl: Runes and Men (Flute Interpretation)
Cult of Youth: Eye to Eye
Sarah June: Stagefright
Rachel Bockover: A Shot in the Darkness
W.H.Y. : Humankind is a Crime

Aural Apocalypse February 2nd, 2011

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Levant: Through Heaven’s Grace
In The Nursery: Bassilica
Nox Arcana: Grande Masquerade
Dead of the Night: Ghosts of Perennial Mourning
Schattenspiel: Thirst
Cranes: Adoration
Halgadom: Walkürenritt
A Thrill of Light: Agony of Defeat
Mingo: In Plenus Motus
Coil: The Sleeper II
Cloama + Die Blutleuchte: Cloak of Darkness Part I
Underjord: Chimera
Kreuzweg Ost: Oh No Lo So, Magnifico
Sturmkind: Grenzgang