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Aural Apocalypse January 26th, 2011

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Die Irrlichter: Der Fischer
Wirrwahr: Abort Papyrus
Impressions of Winter: Conjunction
Omasphere: Platoun
Whote: Losing the Saved
Le Testament De La Lumière: Walking Through Desert valleys
Beyond Sensory Experience: The Dull Routine of Existence
Murderous Vision: Journey Onward
Hekate: Tempeltanz I

***** Interview with HEKATE *****

Hekate: Seelenreise
Nod: And into Flesh Shall I Return
Iron Fist of the Sun: God’s New Gravity
Einleitungszeit: Metalidee
Bain Wolfkind: Their Honeymoon Won’t Last
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club: Cold Cold Eyes
Seuchensturm & Waffenruhe: Waffenbrüder

Aural Apocalypse January 19th, 2011

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Kristian Giorgini: Umore al Crepuscolo
Pájaro De Mal Agüero & Evhelice: Soy el Incesto de Dios (remix)
Der Blutharsch: Untitled track #1 from “The Philosopher’s Stone”
Calle della Morte: Ballerino di Tango
Life’s Decay: Etesse
Tholen: Skeletons of Steel
Aurea Hora: The Lights of the End of the World
I-C-K: Le Salut Illusoire
Inner Vision Laboratory: …Evolving
Thanatronic: Thesaurus et Cólitur
Seuchensturm: Geltungsschlag
Militia Dei: Mane
Sect: Product
Nejet’ Nok: Zwischenfall
Second Planet: Signals
Argentum & Escuadrón De La Muerte: Sus Dulces Visceras (El Triunfo de la Muerte)

Aural Apocalypse January 12th, 2011

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Art of Empathy: The Design
Dernière Volonté: Au Travers des Lauriers
Stormfågel: Håll Lågan Klar!
Sieben: No Words
Slowdive: Trellisaze
Falling You: Moth and Flame
17 Pygmies: Kristalnacht
Allerseelen: Gondelwerkstatt

~~~~Interview with Allerseelen~~~~

Allerseelen: Diese Nähe is Gefahr
Siege: The Flight That Never Was
Warsaw Pact: Hell’s Ground
Vincenzio Bossi: Castor
Agalloch: Where Shade Once Was