Aural Apocalypse December 8th, 2010


Osewoudt: Geheimnis
Blood Axis: Wulf and Eadwacer
Prioratvm: Let Your Anger Raise
Forseti: Wolfszeit
In Gowan Ring: Within Rings (With Dreambox)
Predominance: In Through the Eyes of Heaven
Dawn and Dusk Entwined: Noctis Labyrinthus
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency: Orkestrated Movements
Unto Ashes: The Snow Leopard
Opus Nigrum: Time is Over
Arditi: Sons of God
Les Fragments de la Nuit: Assault
Globoscuro: Au Centre de Deux Nébuleuses
Atrium Carceri: Inside the Womb
Goatvargr: Bearer, Begetter, the Sovereign Wolf

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