Aural Apocalypse September 29th, 2010


Larrnakh: Have My Own Way
Fräkmündt: Wörmer
Elane: Trace of the Flames
Argine: Come un Servo de Mantice (DLK Version)
Gas Masked Lestat: Radic4l for Revol00tion
Brandkommando: Radio Maryja
Harvest Rain: The Top of the Stairs
The Psychogeographical Commission: The Darkness in Light
Amoeba: Desolation
Primeval Existence Roar of the Warchiefs
Le Testament de la Lumière: The Wind Tells from Forgotten Tales
Hyios: Crater
Somnivore: Ieaieyö
Stormfågel: den Bergtagna
Atomtrakt: Flug in den Tod
Seven Pines: L’ Âge des Loups
Monitor: We Get Messages

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