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Aural Apocalypse August 25th, 2010

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NON: Scorched Earth
Misantronics: Kfar Etzion
Post Scriptvm: Tarantula Pattern
Barbarossa Umtrunk & Phalanx featuring The White Rabbit: Himmelfahrtskommando
L’Orchestre Noir: Odins Day
Cawatana: Have No Option (This is a Dream)
Heldentod: The Wanderer
Fire and Ice: Holy Mead
Irij: Hor-Ba-Ti

~~~~~ Review of the Boyd Rice Documentary: ICONOCLAST ~~~~~

Mystified: Approaching Something
[Haven]: Resonance
Remanence: Watched Over by Angels
Morose: We Guarantee Disappointment
Jahrtal: Nacht
Autodafe: Gospel of the Hate
Secret Druid Society: Dawn Over the Deserted World

Aural Apocalypse August 18th, 2010

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Leiche Rustikal: Underwater
Militia Dei: Tenebrae
General Drummer: Neorder
Svalbard: The Mist That Hides Your Trace
Leger des Heils: Nachtlied
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: Hell is Where the Heart Is (The Gospel
According to Tomas)
Passione Nera: North of Canvas
Kunstgerecht: A Dream
Gnome & Spybey: The Color of the Red Bull
Anémic Cinéma: Labyrinth
Atomine Elektrine: Oswiecim
Sarah June: Brand of Bitterness
Bain Wolfkind: Driving All Night
Jill Tracy: Make it Burn
Isomer: Fire Front
Melek-Tha: Evil Indoctrination
Hoarfrost: Quasi Miraculus
Sieben: Missolonghi Sky

Aural Apocalypse August 11th, 2010

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Ante Bellum: La Ultima Defensa
Gaë Bolg: Femme, Oiseau, Étoile
Laibach: Across the Universe
Pantheon Legio Musica: Sacred Grove
Siege: The Caveman
15 Degrees Below Zero: The Peculiar Apparatus
All Hail the Transcending Ghost: We Break the Seals of Scattered Hopes
Escuadron de la Muerte: Cruz de Hierro
Strydwolf: Vaandrager
Sturmpercht: Wildschütz Jännerwein
Blood of Kvasir: The Ballad of George Henry
Blood Axis: Erwachen in der Nacht
Tamerlan: As the Raven Calls
Forest Funeral: Ancestral Mourning
Cities Last Broadcast: Railroom
Arte Sacra Aetlier: Des Abends
Sinweldi: L’eclat Eternal de L’Esprit Immaculé
Kirlian Camera: Odyssey Europa (Premiere Version)
Angry Young Formation: Masters of Silence

Aural Apocalypse August 4th, 2010

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Machinefabriek: Daas
Svart1: Omnia Tempus Habent
Viginti Tres Saecula: Invocation ov Horus
Glimmer Void: Death’s Way
Death in June: Runes and Men
Changes: Song of Pan
Tenhi: Vahainen Violetissa
Von Thronstahl: Schuld und Sühne
Cepheid: Ave Militaria
Arditi: Sturm V
Hagalaz Runedance: When the Trees Were Silenced
Riharc Smiles: Crossroads
Cornix Maledictum: Mariage en Noir
Fire in the Head: Narcissist’s Mantra
Skull Axis: Godhead
The Dissonance Process: ILSA
Art Abscons: Für Immer Hier
Rome: Les Champs Perdus – L’Assassin
Vortex: The Process