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Aural Apocalypse July 28th, 2010

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Harvest Rain: This Black Sunlight
Jack or Jive: Cold Justice
Tonal Y Nagual: Grave
Dernière Volonté: Rien À Aimer
Kratong: The Hypnotic Attraction
All Over Everywhere: Endless Night
The Green Man: Setting Sun
Rose Rovine e Amanti: Rose Rovine e Amanti
Falkenstein: Die Alte Norne
Bleeding Heart Narrative: Lillian Gish
Heilige Zorn: The Waiting
Gothica: Nel Buio
Minimal Compact: Clockbird
Eden: Dream Wheel
Tarmacians: Do Not Be Alarmed
D.B.P.I.T. & Xxena: 13C7EE
Knifeladder: Warsaw 4pm
Karnnos: A Burial in Flames
Nothvs Filivs Mortis: Liber III: De Son Âme Dérodée…
Pavonine: Cocytus
Eybec: Somni

Aural Apocalypse July 21st, 2010

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Tronus Abyss: Radio Europa
Endura: Oriflamme
Cataclyst: Rubicund Cloister
Vond: Når Livet Tar Farvel
The Dead of Night: One Breath in Catharsis
Arecibo: Beyond the Heart of Space
Karsten Hamre: Chapter I – Darkness Gently Falling
Dânnâgôischd: Enn Hersch onnd enn Haas
Lady Morphia: Ancestral Memories
Verdandi: Weland Worked Long
Inner Glory: What Remains of a Dream
Spell: Stone is Very, Very Cold
Communication Zero: Forgiveness
Haus Arafna: You Die
Maska Genetik: Ocean
Drakh: Walk of Life
Monolake: Atomium
Hourglass Drops: Forgotten Iron Still Screams
J Orphic: In Abscondinium

Aural Apocalypse July 14th, 2010

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Wappenbund: Fremde Fahnen Part 2
Predella Avant: Untitled track #7 from Self-Titled CD
Tugend: Uprising
Turbund Sturmwerk: Gloria Mundi
In Ruin: Reckoning
Darkwood: Roggenfelder
Strength Through Joy: The Frozen March of Victory
Alizbar & Ann’Sannat: Improvisation
Coil: Sun Ascension
Post Crash High: Politicians Addressing Crowds Through Their Arseholes…
Ten Horned Beast: Strength Through Fear
Gnomonclast: Without Corruption
Orchis: Blood of Bone
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa: Taidat Oua se Kolkko Vieras
Project: Void: Glory
Stratvm Terror: Kill Me for an Hour
Faun: Zeit Nach dem Sturm
Corvus Corax: Hymnus Apollon
Deprivation Chamber: Crossing the Line