Aural Apocalypse June 23rd, 2010


Sub Luna: A Song for My Lady Before the Snow
Tarantella: Esqueletos
Wovenhand: Bleary Eyed Duty
Neither Neither World: Darklands
The Hare and the Moon: Hob’s Lane
Golgatha & Dawn and Dusk Entwined: A Seeker Divine
Nagual Art: Berenice
Suburban Cruelty Centre: E Ultreiia
Heiliges Licht & K. : Untitled from “Friendship is Everything” part II
Aurea Hora: Purgatorium
Invercauld: Arsaidh (Old, Ancient)
Men Behind the Sun: Youth Corps 731
Aeterna: Fire
Fektion Fekler: Through the Days
Ordo Equitum Solis: Desiderio
Ravennight: In Goldenen Hallen
Nanohex: Detonation Warfare
yelworC: Sacrilege
Scorn: Far In Out
Wongraven: Tiden Er en Stenlagt Grav
Liholesie: North Spring
Silence and Strength: The Aurora of the Philosophers

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