Aural Apocalypse June 9th, 2010


Mago: Your Mind Blew Across the Grass in Ripples
This Morn’ Omina: N=NE
SOMA: Corporate Anthem part 1
Squaremeter (m2): A Dark Shadow
Vas: Kali Basa
Gor: Nafes
Engelsstaub: Faerieland
Estampie: O Ignis Spiritus
Scorpion Wind: Love Love Love (Equilibrium)
Romowe Rikoito: Untitled #8 from “Narcissism”
Backworld: The Darkness of His Smile
H.E.R.R. : Gabriel’s Proclamation
Storm of Capricorn: Ultime Lever de Soleil
Schuster: 1 – 5 Microns (Achieved)
C17H19NO3: Scarifice
Sektor 304: The Beast
Aghast: Totentanz

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