Aural Apocalypse May 26th, 2010


In Scherben: Sachsenland
Hrefnesholt: Hexnfeia
Nebelung: Mistelteinn
Desiderii Marginis: The Weight of the World
Igniis: Más allá del Rio Skai
Gabe-Unruh: Gedanken Polizei (Strydwolf Remix)
Liyr: Le Serment
XIII: Black Easter (Radio Edit)
Shattered Hand: The Path
Herbst 9: Lord of the Shining Crown
Kerovnian: Death of 1978 Suit Armors – Dark and Impure
Trobar de Morte: The Song of the Stones
Dunkelschön: Bacchus
Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: Falling into Different Flesh
Parzival: Malta
Everything But the Gargoyle: Sleeping with Ghosts
Amateur God: Even More Human
Teatro Grotesco: MMXII
Sinweldi: Europe Jeunesse Révolution
Ain Soph: Cavalieri del Tempo
God Pussy: Magnetismo Cósmico – Parte 3

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