Aural Apocalypse May 12th, 2010


Wave Gotik Treffen 2010 Preview

Sol Invictus: Europa Calling
Decadence: Mercury Land
Argine: Mundana Humana Instrumentalis
Novalis Deux: Put On Your Shoes
Arcana: Fade Away (Un-Released Demo)
Seventh Harmonic: Equanimi (Demo)
Ashram: Sweet Autumn
Amber Asylum: Loss is the Sword
Kirlian Camera: Blue Room (Extended Version 1985)
Monolith: Talisman
Fjernlys: Lunar Sphere (Alternative Version)
Job Karma: RAF
Sixth Comm: & Freya Aswynn: Nietsche
Joy of Life: Last Fine Day
Rose Rovine e Amanti: Demian
Hekate: Montségur
Satori: Hypnagogic State
Eldar: Seltar
Ataraxia: Marcia Ceremoniale
Moon Far Away: Hymn
Violet: Der Saiten Silberklang
Filian Irata: Maienzeit
Nurse With Wound: Window of Possible Organic Development

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