Aural Apocalypse May 5th, 2010


Krepulec: Power of the First Corps
Across the Rubicon: Survivors
Weihan: Battle of the Wigrid Plain
The Days of the Trumpet Call: A Dream
Labradford: Pico
Michael Cashmore: Sleep England
Tervahäät: Hautaa
Waldteufel: Traumpfad
Paranoia Inducta: Scars
Caul: Penuel
Kammarheit: The Poignant
Luftwaffe: Love One Another
Trinithos: Hochzeit Zwischen Hagalaz und Ostara
Sonne Hagal: Memory, Hither Come
In My Rosary: All My Dreams
Neutral: Luna
Rising Shadows: Longing Spirit
Miel Noir: Honigmund
Grey Force Wakeford: Vercors
Tor Lundvall: Last Light

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