Aural Apocalypse April 28th, 2010


Aphelion: Car, Bus, Plane, or Coffin
Aderlating: The Ravenous Bloodlust of Fallen Angels
The Angelic Process: The Resonance of Goodbye
Anemone Tube: Demoniac Reign
Ostara: Immortally Wounded
Pilori: Die Zeit des Lichts
Ianva: XII – IX – MCMXIX: Di Nuovo in Armi!
Kammer Sieben: Tripod
Maurizio Bianchi: The Plain Elanif
New Risen Throne: Heritage of Emptiness
Manifest: Harbor City
Gnaw Their Tongues: The Heads of Beasts Need Sex
Welter in Thy Blood: To Bind With Ninefold Chain
Die Irrlichter: Aelinesse Na Megil
Algiz: La Chaise (Sur L’eau)
Oswald: Packington’s Pound
Triarii: Victoria
Tribe of Circle: Demokratur
Black Sun Productions & Val Denham: Absinthe

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