Aural Apocalypse April 21st, 2010


Boyd Rice and Fiends: Murder Bag
Kaniba: She Stood in the Crowd and Shed Not a Tear
Disciplina Urbana: Não Estamos de Brincadeira
Durch Heer und Kraft: Mit Gott Ohne Angst
Werkraum: The Smiling of the Rose
Down in June: Little Black Angel
IllumineNaughty: Black Dawn
Wolfskin: O Bando da Espada
Kaiser/Hsu Duo: Alternate Soundtrack to “The Last Theft” (live – excerpt)
Boyd Rice and Friends: Disneyland Can Wait

~~~~~~~ Interview with Boyd Rice ~~~~~~~

NON: Monism
Sagittarius: Sunmyra
Alraune: Twilight
Not Drowning, Waving: The Water Drops
Eldar: Are Tace Cen
Kazeria [KZ]: Let Blood Rain
Horologium: The Contest Never Ends
Ghosts of Breslau: XIII from “And Should the Spring Come…”
Solar Skeletons: Candy in a Jar

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