Aural Apocalypse February 3rd, 2010


Naevus: South Bank
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: The Future was Today
Backworld: Gospel of Mary
Chirleison: Autrefois
The Hare and the Moon: Lyke Wake Dirge (Full Moon)
J Orphic: Intro for the Glory
Seelenlicht: The Outsider
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud: Untitled #1 from “Rest on Your Arms Reversed”
Novo Homo: We March with Boots on Fire
Front Sonore: Broadcast 7-21-44
Gerechtigkeits Liga: Funeral March
Fourniersches Gangraen: 4.48 Psychose
Phalanx Featuring The White Rabbit: Ruhe vor dem Sturm
Ad Ombra: Heart Sermons
Anima in Fiamme: Agincourt
Penitent: A Mournful Bridge
Von Liebenfels: Sailing Homeward
L’Artiste Inconnu & ZR19.84: Untitled #5 from “Paix. Hommage à Les
Joyaux de la Princesse”
Lustmord: The Daathian Doorway
Microwelt: Mascinen
Gertrud Stein: Panik Attack
Circus Joy: Signora Europa
Medusa’s Spell: Five Hours to Execution

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