Aural Apocalypse January 20th, 2010


Flutwacht vs. Hyeno: Testament
Kreuz 8: Gewitter
A Murder of Angels: Melting Across the Night
Lacus Somniorum: An Intangible World
Les Paradisiers: Oui, Oui Je Suis un Paradisier
Bain Wolfkind: Your Dogs and Your Lynchin’ Mob
Lipgloss Dolce: Sancrosant and Sexy
David E. Williams: Hymn to the Genius of Idi Amin
TSIDMZ: We March in the Noise (Against the New Global Order)
Predominance: Luftschiffe
Barbarossa Umtrunk: Kyffhäuser
Stalingrad: Der Letzte Flug
Cumulo Nimbus: Komm Mit
Otto Dix: War
Ralf der Rabe and Marcel Wricke: Irischer Jubel
Death in June: Rose Clouds of Holocaust (totenpop version)
Dorien Campbell: A Sadness Song
Out of Sight: Bonfires Die Out
While Angels Watch: Eye for Eye
TZii: Hypo-Crisis
ANTIchildLEAGUE: Execute
KK Null: Untitled track 6 from “Gamma Ray Burster”
Svartsinn: September Dirge

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