Aural Apocalypse December 23rd, 2009


Special Guest DJ: Preston Gelberwolf

Nemo Dog: Faces of the Whirlpool
Iditarod: Sparrow
The Joy of Nature: Impermanence
Tanakh: Ladybird
Noa Babayof: Marching Band
Espers: Flowery Noontide
Valerie Project: Torchlight
Black Forest Black Sea: Black Bird on Grey Sky
Fern Knight: Magpie Suite
Sharon Kraus: Wintermute
Ex Reverie: Dawn Comes for Us All
Gravenhurst: Flowers in Her Hair
Nemo Dog: Above All Else a God Needs Compassion
Faun Fables: Begin
Saint Joan: Satellites
Salamandar: Vessel is Vacant (excerpt)
Rusalnaia: Wild Summer
Bleeding Heart Narrative: Braids and a Necklace
Black Sun Productions: Autopsia di un Poeta
Sturmpercht: Das Geschenk der Wildfrau

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