Aural Apocalypse December 2nd, 2009


MZ.412: Mourning Star
Men Behind the Sun: Chamber Music
Galerie Schallschutz: Phoenix II
Genocide Lolita: Life Being What it is, One Dreams of Revenge
TriORE: No Tears are Shed for You and Me
Ikon: As Night Falls
Beloved & Reborn: The Forgotten One
Solanaceae: I Saw Them Through the Pines – They Only Walk on Moss
Death of the West: Blackity Black Western
Strydwolf: Suus Cuique Mos
N-URSS: Heart of Chernobyl
Pimentola: Heart’s Dementia (Phase 2)
Karjalan Sissit: Jävla Psykopat Kärring
Schloss Tegal: Coital Affirmation (remix)
Aeterna: Wild Hunt
Judgement of Paris: Signal Two
Qntal: Dulcis Amor
:Golgatha: The Clash v.2
Eldar: Nine Boe Ero
Regard Extreme: Infortune
Tamerlan: Like Gods at Dawn

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