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Aural Apocalypse December 30th, 2009

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Best Releases of 2009

Ostara: The Carnival
Brillig: Death at Sea
Art Abscon(s): Somnium 1
Sinweldi: A Travers L’Europe
Splinterskin: The Thing That Wasn’a
The Moon and the Nightspirit: Àlomidö
Àrnica: Danzas de Guerra
The Joy of Nature: Tanchão
Solanaceae: Samorost
Opus Nigrum: In the Fields
Unto Ashes: Who has Seen the Wind?
Inade: Abandoned Inferno
Murderous Vision: Clawmarks in the Muck
Die Weisse Rose: As The Last Of The Petals Are Shattered
Eldar: The Grave of Mankind
Halo Manash: Taiwaskivi track 4
Der Blutharsch: Journey to the Center of the Sun
Ianva: Cemento Armato
Geheime Staatspolitik: 1943
Rose Rovine e Amanti: Il Gatto Osserva
Rome: The Legacy of Unrest
Triore: The Missing Hour
Von Thronstahl: Sinnstiftung Total
Durch Heer und Kraft: Der Unbekannte Soldat
Gaë Bolg: La Fameuse Marche Mogole
Strydwolf: Dura Europos
Corde Oblique: La Gente Che Resta
H.E.R.R. : Galba: Hear Them Cheer
Morose: Cantimplora
Amber Asylum: Thee Apothecary
Karjalan Sissit: Loppuun Nussittu Avioliitto
Sektor 304: Power Exchange
Soriah featuring Ashkelon Sain: Atlan

Aural Apocalypse December 23rd, 2009

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Special Guest DJ: Preston Gelberwolf

Nemo Dog: Faces of the Whirlpool
Iditarod: Sparrow
The Joy of Nature: Impermanence
Tanakh: Ladybird
Noa Babayof: Marching Band
Espers: Flowery Noontide
Valerie Project: Torchlight
Black Forest Black Sea: Black Bird on Grey Sky
Fern Knight: Magpie Suite
Sharon Kraus: Wintermute
Ex Reverie: Dawn Comes for Us All
Gravenhurst: Flowers in Her Hair
Nemo Dog: Above All Else a God Needs Compassion
Faun Fables: Begin
Saint Joan: Satellites
Salamandar: Vessel is Vacant (excerpt)
Rusalnaia: Wild Summer
Bleeding Heart Narrative: Braids and a Necklace
Black Sun Productions: Autopsia di un Poeta
Sturmpercht: Das Geschenk der Wildfrau

Aural Apocalypse December 16th, 2009

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Current 93: Urshadow
Neither Neither World: Shadow of the Wings
Wovenhand: Sparrow Falls
Allerseelen: Tanzt Die Orange
Autodafe: Auto da Fe
Les Joyaux de la Princesse: L’Union des Patriotes (1927 – 1929)
Tharmapsal: Molecules, Out!
Concrescence: Herz
Kazeria [KZ]: Discipline of the Shadows I
Fjernlys: Intermediate Nature
Cataclyst: The Guards are Still at Karnak II
Ouroboros: Sanctuaria (Gelidus Remix)
RPM Orchestra: Fields of Gavotte
Stalaggh: Project Nihil (excerpt)
Kristus Kut: Cocoon (excerpt)
Prurient Rose Comet
Maximum Terrorem: Tenebrae V
Lua Nigra: Saliva y Sangre (Obscene Version)
Werkraum: Une Jeune Fillette
Majdanek Waltz: November
Novalis: Bloody
Cult of Youth: Nature
Neon Rain: By the Hands of

Aural Apocalypse December 9th, 2009

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Militia Dei: Deceit
Gabe-Unruh: Singt Eisern!
Nihil Novi Sub Sole: Forgotten Below the Field
Cold Fusion: Inquisitio Corporalis Act I
Mirror: Nightwalkers Part I
The Aeolian String Ensemble: Elysium (excerpt)
Cities Last Broadcast: Cella
Steve Stapleton & Tony Wakeford: Flower Dream Song
Jörvallr: On the Eve of Our Destiny
K. : Hinterkaifeck II
Falkenstein: Der Mohn
Krepulec: Lost Dream
Goatvargr: Lycanthropic
God Pussy: Pensamentos Contradito Ìrios
Slogun: Show Me Again
Kay Hoffman: Floret Silva
Bergfolk: Erinnerung
Faun: Tempus Transit
Biomass: DrumSynth Remix

Aural Apocalypse December 2nd, 2009

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MZ.412: Mourning Star
Men Behind the Sun: Chamber Music
Galerie Schallschutz: Phoenix II
Genocide Lolita: Life Being What it is, One Dreams of Revenge
TriORE: No Tears are Shed for You and Me
Ikon: As Night Falls
Beloved & Reborn: The Forgotten One
Solanaceae: I Saw Them Through the Pines – They Only Walk on Moss
Death of the West: Blackity Black Western
Strydwolf: Suus Cuique Mos
N-URSS: Heart of Chernobyl
Pimentola: Heart’s Dementia (Phase 2)
Karjalan Sissit: Jävla Psykopat Kärring
Schloss Tegal: Coital Affirmation (remix)
Aeterna: Wild Hunt
Judgement of Paris: Signal Two
Qntal: Dulcis Amor
:Golgatha: The Clash v.2
Eldar: Nine Boe Ero
Regard Extreme: Infortune
Tamerlan: Like Gods at Dawn