Aural Apocalypse November 25th, 2009


Luftwaffe: The Call of Amergin
Tenhi: Hallavedet (The Glacial Waters)
Sonnentau: Dein Garten Bluht Noch
Ilúvatar: Ode to Our Celestial Fathers
Hyios: Tephra
Werwolf Ensemble: Lyden Av Tusen Barn (excerpt)
Invercauld: Diobhail (Loss, Destruction)
Allseits: Hel
Unto Ashes: Winter Born
Opus Nigrum: Dagda
Life’s Decay: Sulvisyan
Jerome Deppe: Salvation the Lesson
Collapsar: Passing the Gate
Front Sonore: La France, La Victorieuse!
Karnnos: As the Firmament Reflects
Wappenbund: Wappenmarsch
Turbund Sturmwerk: Styrmsal (excerpt)
Sturm: A Volonté D’Unifer
Project Nightwolf: The Truth Will Never be Caged
Sektor 304: Body Hammer

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