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Aural Apocalypse December 31st, 2008

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Across the Rubicon: Shadows and Dust
Tribe of Circle: When Tears Turn to Solidity
Stahlwerk 9 and Rasthof Dachau: Siloah’s Brook
Nihil Novi Sub Sole: Idealism of Old
Opera Multi Steel: Cathédrale
Leitmotiv: Errances Nocturnes
Helium Vola: Untitled Hidden Track from “Veni Veni” MCD
Cultus Ferox: Bettellied
Loretta’s Doll: Hekas
Wermut: Maladia Europa II
Coil: The First 5 Minutes After Death
Northgate: Baurora
Sol Invictus: Blood Against Gold
Trinithos: Weltenplus
Gravenhurst: Black Holes in the Sand
Ostara: Waves of White Horses
Toroidh: Never Again Part 2
Clear Stream Temple: Age of Terror
Archon Satani: Nailed
Void of Coil: Bottomless
Orplid: Erster Frost
Carved in Stone: Boten Asgards
Ensemble Alte Muzik: Schiarazula Marazula

Aural Apocalypse December 24th, 2008

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Ataraxia: The Moon Sang on an April Chair
Traum’er Leben: Dunkle Sonne
Egida Aurea: L’Ardente Fiaccola della Ragione
Nazi UFO Commander: Flying Dutchman
All Have Numbers None Have Names: Final Reflection Infection
Foresta di Fero: Militia Christi
Tears of Othila: Up Our Banners! (Old Europa Version)
Lua Nigra: Fogos (Classic Version)
Ordo Equitum Solis: De Fortuna
Backworld: The Devil’s Plaything
Simulacrum: Naturatum EU
Seele: Marzahn
Hekate and Chorea Minor: The Sign of Silence
Claustrum: Penitential
Raison D’etre: Auto-Dafé
Dark Awake: Ashes of Solstice
Nox Arcana: Carol of the Bells
Folkstorm: United Under a Black Sun of Utmost Splendor
Disciplina Urbana: A Noitte Cai Rápida
# Define: {Blow Out}
Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter: Lili Marlene

Aural Apocalypse December 17th, 2008

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Rose Rovine e Amanti: Noi Ritoneremo
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: I Think About Germany and the End of the World
Apatheia: Rot in This Core
Rusalnaia: Winter
Of the Wand and the Moon: Let it Be Ever Thus
J Orphic: Come Ingrid
Les Joyaux de la Princesse: Ouverture D’une Architecture Priveé 1
Cisfinitum: Star Ticket
Rukkanor: High Flight
Novo Homo: Nothing New on the Western Front
Seven Pines: Forêts
Trobar de Morte: In Nomine Filius Mortis
Moon Far Away: Eos Dance
Stoa: Iter Devium
Operation Cleansweep: Blood Face
Clint Listing: One’s Loss of Sanity
Cruelty Campaign: Vaht Guya
Blood Axis: Herjafather
Camerata Mediolanense: Rosmunda
Predella Avant: Untitled track #4 from Self-Titled
Menace Ruine: One Too Many

Aural Apocalypse December 10th, 2008

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Dernière Volonté: Nous Maintenons Notre Histoire
Bearer of the Inmost Sun: Untitled Der Blutharsch cover
Allerseelen: Dolce Vita
In The Nursery: Silent in Time
Merzbow: Anicca Part 3 (excerpt)
Troum [Ga]Plaian
Forms of Things Unknown: Mesozoica
Kratong: Blood – Ruby Radiant (Lullaby for Lucifer)
Sagittarius: Nihil Arisen
Autumn Tears: A Dreaming Kiss
Medusa’s Spell: Act 3
The Triple Tree: The Malice of Inanimate Objects
In Ruin: O Coal Black Smith
Art Abscon: Der Dreizehnte Gast
Lux Interna: Secret Heart of the World
Das Zeichen: Douh-Sah-Ra
Impressions of Winter: The Transcendence
Van Langen: Hat Deyn Mann
Garmarna: Straffad Moder & Dotter
Deadwood: Bloodcult
Kristus Kut: I Kissed Her in a Wonderful Bad Dream (excerpt)

Aural Apocalypse December 3rd, 2008

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Dies Natalis: Der Stein Weit im Korn
Stormfågel: Kis Kece Lányom
A Challenge of Honour & Krieger: Freie Revolution
Bleiburg: March of the Innocents
Duetsch Nepal & Satori: Stella Khruschov_R7 Semyorka Process
Atrium Carceri: Impaled Butterfly
Children of the Apocalypse: The Hunt
Argine: La Pietra del Desiderio
Pilori: Dark Clouds Over Green Meadows
Werkraum: Song for Erik
In My Rosary: Little Death
Thorofon: Riotdictator
The Grey Wolves: Division Influence
Leiche Rustikal: I Forgot
Die Macht: Ultime Chance
Mediaeval Baebes: Dringo Bell
Elijah’s Mantle: Benedictus
Unto Ashes: A Sa Maitresse
Azam Ali: Breton Medley
Filivs Macrocosmi: Stalker
Bisclaveret: Engill Ljssins