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Aural Apocalypse September 24th, 2008

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Predominance: Aurora Borealis
Nobody: They Overhang My Soul
Coil: Triple Sun
Tor Lundvall: Blue Room
Awen: Little Edelweiss
Days of the Trumpet Call: Power and Dignity (San Torga)
In Ruin: Follow Thy Faire Sunne Unhappy Shadow
Of the Wand and the Moon: Nighttime in Sonnenheim
Sol Invictus: The Hill of Crosses
Parzival: 1314
Bleiburg: Batschka
Gae Bolg and the Church of Fand: Offertorio
Dunkelschön: Iddadh ‘n’ Duir
Ophir: Bleibt die Erde Treu (part 1)
Tehom: Aposbennuntes tous Luchnous
Northgate: Year
Grimbergen: Disillusionment
Boyd Rice: Whatever Happened to Quiet Desperation?
Elane: Come to the Sea
Once a Barge: Godhammer
Sorrow: Songbird
Letum: Tears
Endura: Dark Face of Eve
Midnight Syndicate: Legions of the Dead
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: We Watched Our Sad-Eyed Angel Fall

Aural Apocalypse September 17th, 2008

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Falkenstein: Halfdan, Ragnar’s Son
Graumahd: Auwaldschatten: 1
Fire and Ice: The Lady of the Vanir
Der Arbeiter: Wir Rufen deine Wölfe
Triarii: Overkill
A Challenge of Honour: They Came Over the Hill
Concrescence: Leszerazz’ Galliard
Janitor: Habelsbolte – Port Said
Elend: The Poisonous Eye
Leper: If Everything was Green
Penitent: Possessive Thought (excerpt)
Nature and Organisation: Untitled #10 from “Death in a Snow Leopard Winter”
Death in June and Les Joyaux de la Princesse: The Congress
Arkkon: Shivvle
Skin Area: Elvira
Genocide Organ: Slap in Your Face
Boyd Rice: Shitlist
Actus: Körforgás
Zohreh: Navai (remix)
Engelsstaub: The Return
Lupercalia: Tarantata di Taberna
Défilé des Âmes: My Middle Name
Agalloch: Kneel to the Cross

Aural Apocalypse September 10th, 2008

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Wappenbund: Kinder des Lichtes
Phragments: Antichritos
yelworC: Blaze of Downfall
This Morn’ Omina: Aries
Lux Interna: For an Autumn Girl
Jahrtal: Abschied
Belborn: Wir Können Sehen
Falling You: …And the Rain Comes in Waves
Moon Far Away: Dezember der Zeiten
In The Nursery: I Thorns
Matt Howden: Intimate; Allude
Dawn and Dusk Entwined: In the Distance (excerpt)
Dark Muse: Dark Waters (excerpt)
Apoptose: Sturmnacht
Storm of Capricorn: Where Oak Lives
Svarrogh: Temple of the Sun
H.E.R.R.: Memoirs of Light
Blood Axis: The March of Brian Boru
Screloma: Atomic Test
IRM: Nervescales
Irfan: Otkrovenie

Aural Apocalypse September 3rd, 2008

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Trinithos: Nordwind
Argine: Rifrazioni
Spiritual Front: Cocktail No. 3
Inner Glory: Ecstasy Road
Grey force Wakeford: Marble Heart
Beyond Sensory Experience: The Lickerish Quartet
N.Stahl.N: Fünfter Gesang: Öffentlichkeit. Allesfressende
Inade: L’age D’or
Karjalan Sissit: Tanssit On Loppu Nyt
Kriegsfall-U: The Great Man I – The Stance
Der Blutharsch: Untitled #9 from “The Moment of Truth”
SnowW.Wwhite: Faraway and Long Ago
Qntal: Glacies
Daemonia Nymphe: Summoning Pan
Algiz: Sans Titre
Zlye Kukly: Star Path
The Blue Hour: A Tree Stands Alone
In Gowan Ring: Morning’s Waking Dream
Karnnos: Outermost Oak
O Paradis: Ida y Pingala
Seven Pines: Le Cri (L’ere Partie)
Nordvargr: Pyrrhula One (excerpt)