Aural Apocalypse August 27th, 2008


Special Guest: DJ Gabe

Alex Tiuniaev: I Knew Her (excerpt)
Thomas Watkiss: Ancestor
Bramble: Transmutation of Base Metal
Savage Republic: 1938
Siglo XX: Answer
Royal Family and the Poor: Sex Goddess
Marching Dynamics: Dark They Were and Gold Eyed
Death in June: Break the Black Ice (Rose Version)
Werkraum: Beyond the Evening Star
Rome: Der Brandsifter
Traum’er Leben: Schwingen des Lichts (Flieg Voran!)
Cindytalk: Janey’s Love
6 Comm: Sonfelte
SPK: Contact
Test Department: Arddyledog Ganu
Amber Asylum: Garden of Love
Sagittarius: Du Stehst am Alten Garten Tor und Schweigst
Darkwood & Chaos as Shelter: Leukosis
Mark of Man: Silver Cylinders
Sol Invictus: Long Live Death

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