Aural Apocalypse August 13th, 2008


Spotlight on the Swedish Label “Cold Meat Industry”

In Slaughter Natives: Then Gothic
Morthound: Whole End (excerpt)
Arcana: The Song of Mourning
Coph Nia: Credo V
Brighter Death Now: Wilful
MZ.412: Virus
Deutsch Nepal: Impassive Metal Sex
Golgatha: Man of Fire (Black Sun)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: In High Heels Through Nights of Broken Glass
Passione Nera: Sinking
Decadence: Cold Winter Sun
Rome: Die Nelke
Raison D’etre: Spire of Withold
Desiderii Marginis: Constant Like the Northern Star
Atrium Carceri: Librarian
Vestigial: Anthropic Uncreation
Ataraxia: Jarem Gitti
Gothica: The Land Under the Waves
Medusa’s Spell: Act VII
Golgatha / Dawn and Dusk Entwined: The Messiah
Sephiroth: Dark Garden
The Protagonist: La Fin de la Journée (stripped)
Sanctum: Lie Low

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