Aural Apocalypse April 23rd, 2008


Coph Nia: Hymn to Lucifer (pre-mix)
A Challenge of Honour: The Archangel part 2
H.E.R.R.: Hope Dies in Winter
Once a Barge: Enemy of Light
Engelsstaub: Dreamcatcher
Daemonia Nymphe: Ida’s Dactlys
Stormfågel: A Jó Lovas Katonánax
Wolfenmond: Trauben Tritt
Death in June: The Perfume of Traitors
Scivias: Passion
Lady Morphia: Sun Spirits (Mix)
The Lindbergh Baby: Northern Skies
Arcana: Lost in Time
Predominance: Four Symbols
In Slaughter Natives: Death, Just Only Death
Reutoff: Sumrak
Matt Howden/Tony Wakeford: Leaves of Life
The Goblin Market: At Last
Rose Rovine e Amanti: Gustando Amaro in un Café di Roma…
Sorrow: Love Dies
Arcana: Invisible Motions
Out of Sight: The Terrified Grounds
Snoww_Wwhite: Lullaby

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