Aural Apocalypse November 26th, 2007


NOTE: Some 2007 Podcasts are incomplete

Nordvargr: Sulphur Mist
Herbst 9: 4,000 Years of Damascus
Amber Asylum: Jorinda and Joringal
Ostara: Transsylvania
Once a Barge: Ruin on Them All
Seventh Dawn: Prelude to Carriages
Tony Wakeford: The Wheel of the Sun
Blackmore’s Night: The Clock Ticks On
Trobar de Morte: Ordo Militum Christi
Wolfenmond: Ridderspranget
Skin Area: Posthumous
Bocksholm: Stenbock and His Disciples
Blood Axis: Storm of Steel
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud: Untitled track #6 from “The Smell of Blood but Victory”
yelworC: Inquest
Wappenbund: Blood and Sun
Gothica: Deep Lakes of the Soul
Avalist: Silence
Mystery School: Earth
Spell: Rosemary’s Baby:
Annabelle’s Garden: Vorwärts
Allerseelen: Mit Fester Hand

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