Aural Apocalypse October 22nd, 2007


NOTE: Some 2007 Podcasts are incomplete

Raison D’etre: Death Brightens With Sorrow
This Morn’ Omina: Agayu
Ophir: Aus der Saat
Ten Horned Beast: Opression Sacrament
Damh the Bard: Spirit of Albion
Tinkersluss: To Make You Stay
Pumajaw: The Burning of Auchindoun
While Angels Watch: Obsidian Blade
Ataraxia: Preghiera
Sibelian: The Sin Eater
D’Arcadia: An Luna
Tabula Rasa: Andro
Ordo Equilibrio: Conquest, Love, and Self-Preserverance
Unio Mystica: Floating… (For Your Love)
Seven Pines: Chanson des Terres Sauvages
Belborn: Rückmarsch Nach Vorn
Tor Lundvall: 29 (re-recorded single version)
Leak: Untitled Track #7 from “The Old Teahouse”
Predominance: Quantum Statics
I-C-K: Marche Jeunesse
Von Thronstahl: Gloomy White Sunday
Backworld: Come With Joy

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