Aural Apocalypse October 1st, 2007


NOTE: Some 2007 Podcasts are incomplete

Catalyst: As He Scourged the Earth
Halo Manash: Syoma
Novalis: Last Summer Rose
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Remnants of a Deeper Purity
Hagalaz Runedance: Volven
Rukkanor: The Death Bed
The Protagonist: Zoroaster
Kaliber 9: Dungeoned
C.O.T.A: Deep Within the Womb of Mother Earth Part IV
Gae Bolg and the Church of Fand: Death of the West
Impressions of Winter: Elements
Helium Vola: Printemps
Kirlian Camera Aura
Stormfågel: Kis Kece Lányom
Puissance: Brittle
Allerseelen: Gletscherlicht
Fire and Ice: The Galdor
Lux Interna: Horizon
Tenhi: Yötä
Empusae: Orix

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