Aural Apocalypse March 19th, 2007


NOTE: Some 2007 Podcasts are incomplete

Interview with Dan McGrath

Seven Pines: Sirénes
Kratong: Dream of the Faded Summer
Dies Natalis: Rain
Rose Rovine e Amanti: La Danza del Colibri
Sol Invictus: Like a Sword
Omne Datum Optimum: A Men Pt. I
Ataraxia: Belle Jolande
Satolstelamanderfanz: Ali Ben Gybma Gaffa
Grey Wolves: Gulf Breeze
IRM: Birth’s Mark of Cruely
Allerseelen: Feuersalamnder
Naevus: Frozen!
Ordo Equitum Solis: Tomorrow Cries

*****Interview with Dan McGrath*****

The Moors: Belen-GaardUnto Ashes: I am Blind
Estampie: O Fortuna
Kreuzweg Ost: Für Kaiser, Gott, und Vaterland

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