Aural Apocalypse March 12th, 2007


NOTE: Some 2007 Podcasts are incomplete

Interview with TJ Walkup

C17H19NO3:: Carrier of Shadows
Squaremeter (m2): Tahat
Death in June: Heaven Street (Mk II)
Belborn: Chor Der Toten
Backworld: Harrow of Skulls
Howden / Wakeford: Wormwood Doll
Vas: Izgrejala
Faun: Andro
Das Zeichen:Digitaria
Pimentola: Psychopompos
Wappenbund: Die Fahne Hoch
Soul of Steel: Universal Soldier’s Song
Atrium Carceri: Reborn
Karjlan Sissit: Inner Pain

*****Interview with TJ Walkup*****

Current 93: O Coal Black Smith
Forseti: Korn

*****Interview with TJ Walkup*****

Bocksholm: Inbreeding Politics at Boxholm Brunk
I.Corax: Untitled #1 from “Spectral Metabolism”
Daemonia Nymphe: Dance of the Satyrs
Stille Volk: Les Parques De La Luna
Qntal: Cupido
Spiritual Front: Her Favorite Confidential Destroyer
Sorrow: Voices
Of the Wand and the Moon: I Crave for You
SnowW_Wwhite: Heimat (Black Forest Version)
Der Blutharsch: Untitled Track #1 CD #1 “Fire Danger Season”
Derniére Volonté: En Avant!
Von Thronstahl: Path of Saint Michael
Remanence: Violence in Chinatown
Atomine Elektrine: Kalfatra
In The Nursery: Praxis
Wosciech Kilar: Gloria
Gae Bolg and the Church of Fand: Gloria
Hagalaz Runedance: Seeker Divine
Garmarna: Sir Holger
Scorpion Wind: The Path of the Cross
Agalloch: Kneel to the Cross
Hekate: A Melancholy
Triarii (featuring Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio): Roses 4 Rome
Puissance: Regression
Sophia: Copper Sun

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