Aural Apocalypse February 19th, 2007


NOTE: Some 2007 Podcasts are incomplete

Interview with M. Trucco

Deutsch Nepal: UR Blackhouse
Cold Fusion: Examinatio Cum Gravitate Act II
Arditi: Death March
Michael Cashmore: Twilight Empire
Ordo Equilibrio: Thou Cannot Love Them All
Rajna: Rajna
H.E.R.R.: Tanz Konstantinopel
Neither Neither World: Postcards
Sonne Hagal: Futhark
Camerata Mediolanense: Balcani in Fiamme
Estampie: A La Fontana
Inade: Chapel Perilous
Mago: Tumbling Down the Rabbit’s Hole
Coph Nia: Prime Mover
Kreuzweg Ost: Zucht und Hunger
Puissance: Command and Conquer
Predella Avant: Part X
Death in June: Hail! The White Grain
Ostara: Waves of Wild Horses
Arcana: Serpent Dance

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